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Sheriff Illustrates Perils of Industrial Hemp Smoking ‘Hundreds of Hemp Joints’

industrial hemp

VELVA, North Dakota—In an attempt to show the dangers of smoking cannabis, Velva County Sheriff John Mulford set out to prove that industrial hemp (marijuana’s non-psychoactive counterpart) is capable of getting smokers just as inebriated as pot.

Last week, Mulford gathered 200 grams of industrial hemp from a farm bust in May and proceeded to roll “hundreds of cigarettes,” says paramedic Howard Sloat, who was on hand to monitor Mulford’s vitals.

The sheriff, who reported being “high as a garden gnome in a tempest teapot,” showed little more physical or psychological change than a heightened pulse and some emotional agitation. Paramedic Sloat speculated the speedy pulse was more likely due to Mulford’s rotund middle and the dense cloud of smoke he’d produced rather than the hemp itself.

At press time, Mulford was several hundred hemp cigarettes past the Guinness World Record for rolling and smoking hemp joints.