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California Students to Name Next Hot Weed Strain

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BENBOW—For their 10th grade summer school project, Oroeeka Heights students in California will be given the honor of naming the next hot Northern California weed strain. Emerald Triangle cannabis grower Dryar Reare, who donated the cannabis sample, said, “Honestly, we’re tapped out as far as originality goes. All the good names have been taken already — Cat Piss, Greencrack, Donkey Dick… thought we’d let the kids give it a go here.”

gas maskStudents will be required to wear gloves and be supervised by already overloaded and stressed out summer school teachers as they carefully examine the glorious green and purple dankness. Kids will also be required to wear Hazmat gas masks to prevent them from sniffing or tasting the weed. “We just have to go on what it looks like,” one student said despondently. “The only name I can come up with from just looking at it is ‘Bummer Weed.’”

Oroeeka Heights’ acting principal John Mince has offered to personally dispose of the cannabis sample following the project, “Excuse me,” said Mince, “while I go incinerate some of this right now.”

-By Honey McGrew