Paraplegic CBD Dog Hero Saves Lives

CBD Dog Treats

DEL MAR, California—The Gambino family are counting their blessings on this clear and sunny Sunday. Enzo and Connie are with their 5-year-old daughter Bella at the Del Mar dog beach today surrounded by all their worldly possessions stacked high in the bed of their pick-up truck. Bella and her parents are smiling fondly and petting their 7-year-old, long-haired Dachshund Freddie. Freddie is comfortably strapped into his “leg cart,” outfitted with knobby wheels. The victim of a recent accident, he is partially paralyzed and unable to use his back legs.

“He’s truly a hero!” says Enzo. “I’ve always known this little guy had the heart of a Rottweiler – but yesterday he proved it.”

Late last evening as the Gambinos slept, a fire sparked in their garage and quickly spread to the kitchen, and headed for the family’s bedrooms. Freddie, ever vigilant, took charge and barked while crawling from room to room alerting the family of imminent doom. Were it not for his courage and his CBD treat meds, the outcome might have been far more dire for the Gambinos.

“We don’t expect miracles from CBD,” says Connie, “but he’s a happy pup that doesn’t let his paralysis get him down. He’s a part of our family, and he knows it. We actually medicate together all the time, me with my cannabis and Freddie with his liquid CBD. I found it takes bonding with your dog to a whole new level.”

At press time, Freddie was completely blissed out on CBD treats, but ever-vigilant.