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Strain: Ron Jeremy OG, Dank & Dirty

Ron Jeremy

STRAIN OF THE WEEK: Ron Jeremy OG   Erectile DysfunctionSeldom does a cannabis strain’s structure so physically personify its namesake as does this hardcore hybrid, Ron Jeremy OG. A sativa-dominant varietal developed by XXX Growers out of the San Fernando Valley, RJOG is a flawlessly lascivious cross between Kosher OG Kush and Alaskan Thunder Fuck that will definitely leave you sore the next morning. Its huge colas can barely stand upright, rising stiffly with an ever so slight lean to the left, like the Hedgehog himself. The remainder of the lower buds are short, squat and thick, and covered in kinky dark hairs. This down-and-dirty, energetic hybrid can be your go-to bud for a little afternoon delight or save it for the evening when you need a bud that can get as nasty as you need. Anytime of day, Ron Jeremy OG will no doubt leave you satisfied.

-Reviewed by Rocco D’Eugenio