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Finally, A Gluten and Dairy-Free Cannabis Option

Gluten Dairy

MANITOU SPRINGS—Researchers at MaryJane Botanical Labs in Colorado have made a significant breakthrough in a revolutionary cannabis strain they say will be effectively “gluten- and dairy-free.” Made famous for creating the genetics behind the ever-popular strains Ballpen Hammer and Moose Parts, MJB Labs has shown that they remain committed to being at the forefront of this growth industry and devoted to battling the dual gut-foes.

“It’s been a long time in the making,” says Dr. Tim Stradcliff, Lead Potanist at MJB Labs. “As a scientist, I’ve watched in horror as gluten and dairy have wreaked havoc on the human cardio-thoracic system. I knew we could eventually eliminate the twin devils of gluten and dairy from cannabis creation as well.”

Stradcliff remained tight-lipped regarding new strain names, though he’s received queries from interested parties nationwide who can’t wait to see gluten and dairy removed from their cannabis. Further investigation by Cannabizoo has uncovered some names that appear to be in consideration for the organic varietal, including “Anti-Devil Gorilla Gluten” and “Dairy-Free Wet Dream.”