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‘World War III’ Weed Strain Gets Hot After Millions Google ‘Nuclear War’


LONG BEACH—Famed Southern California master pot growers Danky Duck just blitzkrieged the cannabis world with their latest hybrid sensation called “World War III.” Dispensaries across the state are saying they can’t keep up with the fierce consumer demand.

Dank Duck

A Chernobyl mother crossed with an Agent Orange male, WWIII creates a smooth yet hard-hitting sativa covered in resin, leaving you with the taste of citrus and hints of cordite and sarin.

“It’s hard to keep World War III on the shelves,” reports Sparc dispensary employee Dan Pikes. “This is as big, if not bigger, than the Cookies craze a couple years ago.”

WWIII’s recent celebrity can be partly attributed to a streak of mass paranoia seen most ominously on Google, with searches for “Nuclear Attack,” “World War III,” and “Armageddon” topping the list of key word searches worldwide. Viewers have reportedly been landing on instead of articles about the conflicts in North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, and Syria.

The timing of a possible global war couldn’t be better for Danky Duck. Head grower Walter Goullet says, “Whatever makes the nugs move,” seemingly unconcerned with the element of zeitgeist he’s tapped into with the global psyche. “Shit, if the actual third world war is right around the corner, I’ll be damn sure to have some dank ass weed around, and it might as well be Danky Duck, am I right?”

While choosing that moment for a sales pitch seemed odd, in Goullet’s defense, he was really stoned on WWIII at the time.

Dank Duck