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Putin On Edge Over Expulsion of His Weed Guy from U.S.

Putin Expulsion

MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin was initially indifferent last week while reviewing the list of Russian diplomats expelled from the United States. That is, until he came upon a final name on the list – one Yuri Gramovich – aka, Putin’s Humboldt Weed Guy.

Gramovich’s status as Putin’s cannabis connection was discovered last year by FBI agents who learned that the Russian president was flying kilos of his favorite strains – including 9 Pound Hammer and Super Sickle Haze – from California back to Moscow aboard official diplomatic convoys. That all came to a screeching halt last week when Obama showed Gramovich the door back to Russia without so much as a nugs worth.

Leaked Kremlin communiques describe an “agitated Putin retreating from the public eye ever since.” Insider sources say Putin has personally made several desperate calls to the White House in an attempt to reopen negotiations and ease tensions between the two countries.

How much Putin is willing to offer to get his weed guy back to Northern California is unknown, but one State Department official speculated, “Putin must be a real bitch to be around right now without his herb.”