Gary Johnson’s Green Micro-Campaign

Gary Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO—In a bid to garner a slice of media attention in the current breakneck political news cycle, Libertarian party candidate for president Gary Johnson is employing an interesting tactic. This morning, on a foggy day in the City by the Bay, Johnson was the picture of warmth, coziness, and shameless brown-nosing clad in a giant full-body, pot leaf costume. Highlighting his pro-cannabis position, the candidate (who brazenly admitted to puffing MJ this calendar year) was given a wide berth by onlookers – except for a few shoppers interested in the free “Johnson-Weld 2016” rolling papers the candidate was hawking.

“I’m here to let people know they have an alternative in this election,” says Johnson, who suffers from serious name recognition issues. “And if I have to put on this silly but very rad costume to get that attention, then that’s what I’ll do.”

Current polling puts the candidate in the single digits nationally, but his maverick new campaign approach may just punt Johnson into double digits and properly confuse the already murky candidate landscape. Admitting the costume isn’t going to appeal to everyone nationally, he says, “I’m trying to pinpoint one specific demographic, no matter how ‘out there’ I have to go. I call it micro-campaigning. Bill Weld refused to put this costume on today,” continued Johnson, “so we have him up in Seattle at Hempfest dressed like a massive smoked salmon and handing out roach clips.”