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Obama Declares Jan 20th ‘National Smoke Up A Republican Day’

Obama Declares

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Since the U.S. election Nov 8th, as expected, one side is thrilled with the outcome while the other side… well, not so much. No one in public office could be more disappointed than President Obama. He stands to witness much of the progress he’s made on many social and environmental issues over the last eight years bulldozed once the new administration officially takes over. But he still has hope that our nation can come together as one unified country and see past our differences. So in that effort, President Obama has declared December 1 “National Smoke Up A Republican Day.” The new national holiday is intended to help people from opposite ends of the political spectrum find common ground, by smoking cannabis together – and just chill the fuck out.

It may come as no surprise that a great majority of Clinton supporters are in favor of ending cannabis prohibition coast to coast. But it may surprise you to know that a majority of Trump supporters do as well. And as it stands, more than half of the U.S. states permit legal medical marijuana, and seven of those and the nation’s capital have fully legalized recreational use.

Obama reportedly  invited a whole host of Republicans to the White House on Jan 20th to set an example for the nation to follow. Offering guests the finest cannabis, hash and concentrates, discovered during his last trip to California, invitations for the event were sent out to an interesting cross section of Republican politicians and celebrities. Obama’s list includes musician and gun-toting nutball Ted Nugent, both former Bush presidents, actor John Voight, political writer George Will, Senator John McCain, Dr. Ben Carson and former U.S. Rep. Newt Gingrich.

“I cant wait to see these fools stoned, really,” said a giggling Obama, feeling comfortable enough in his lame duck period to be smoking a bowl in the White House Rose Garden. “I bet ya dubbya says some stupid shit when he’s high… but what I’m really hoping for is to hear Ted play ‘Cat Scratch Fever’… that song is dope.”

Look for pics and videos from the White House smoke up on the President’s Instagram and Snapchat.