Marijuana Strain Names

Marijuana Strain Names Gone Bad

Marijuana strain names run the gamut these days from Alaskan Thunderfuck to Gorilla Glue. Cannabis enthusiasts the world over realize . . . Here
extract dabbing

Extract Dabbing and Dab Danceoff Collide at PacNW Convention Center

SEATTLE—A rowdy and raucous dabbing collision occurred this afternoon at the Seattle Convention Center, which saw extract dabbing . . . Here
Water Bong

REPORT: Water Bong Dreck a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

FORT COLLINS—Stop!!! Don’t pour that bong water down the drain! Scientists at Colorado State University have just released findings . . . Here

Trump Admits to Smoking Pot, Says It Had A Lasting Effect

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. President Donald Trump has admitted to smoking marijuana in his youth. Sources close to the . . . Here

Can ‘Underbutt Kush’ Stand Up to All the Hype?

SAN BERNARDINO—This spring’s High Times Cannabis Cup – a weekend celebration of all things weed held in Southern California – saw . . . Here
kind bud

Grower Nails 1 LB of Kind From Hello Kitty Nightlite

HENDY GROVE—“I’m telling you, this is the serious dankness,” says cannabis grower OG FatSacks. “You show me anyone else who can produce . . . Here
Weed Robot

Robot Maker Unveils ‘Budzie,’ World’s First Smoking Buddybot

SAN JOSE—There’s a different buzz swirling around at this year’s Silicon Valley Cannabis Cup. Years past have seen the . . . Here
A.G. Sessions

Aha… Now We Know Why A.G. Sessions Has A Hard-On for Pot

MOBILE—The summer of 1967 saw a law-school-bound Jeff Sessions pining for his high school sweetheart Mary Watters. She’d enrolled at UC . . . Here
Big Pharma

Big Pharma Learns from MJ Industry, Tries Out New Drug Names

PROVIDENCE—“One key question we asked the execs at Pfizer was, What the hell is up with your drug names?” says Ronald Baker, Director . . . Here

GoPro Challenges Users: Dab Like A Hero

SAN MATEO—The company that challenges users to “Be A Hero” is now reportedly challenging you to dab your balls off with a camera . . . Here

Hallmark Gets Onboard with New Cannabis Themed Greeting Cards

KANSAS CITY—At the first stop of a multi-city promotional tour this morning, Hallmark Greeting Cards CEO Hank Nowacki delivered a . . . Here

‘World War III’ Weed Strain Gets Hot After Millions Google ‘Nuclear War’

LONG BEACH—Famed Southern California master pot growers Danky Duck just blitzkrieged the cannabis world with their latest hybrid . . . Here
420 event

4/20 Gala: ‘International Smoke Your Mom Out Day’

TAMPA—In response to the growing number of mothers rediscovering the warm bosom of marijuana, a commemorative day has been set aside to . . . Here
smokey bear

Nat’l Park Rangers Propose Growing Cannabis to Offset Budget Cuts

YOSEMITE VALLEY—Rangers from more than a dozen U.S. National Parks, spanning from Mt. Rainier to Acadia, reportedly met for a . . . Here

Did Donner Party’s Hemp Attire Lead to Cannibalism?

TRUCKEE—Researchers at the Truckee Institute of Archaeology (TIA) have discovered particles of industrial hemp in the digestive . . . Here
Marijuana Strain

TOP 10 Rejected Marijuana Strain Names

UNITED STATES—Sherbet Cookies. Green Crack. Alaskan Thunderfuck. All marijuana strain names that convey their experiential delights. . . . Here
Putin Expulsion

Putin On Edge Over Expulsion of His Weed Guy from U.S.

MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin was initially indifferent last week while reviewing the list of Russian diplomats expelled from . . . Here
Jorge Cervantes

DNA Evidence Shows Cultivator Jorge Cervantes Is Half Plant

SONOMA—In a not-so-shocking turn of events, scientists have released a new study that proves expert marijuana grower and bestselling . . . Here

1-800-Florals Enters Cannabis Market with Bud Bouquets

ROTTERDAM—The floral juggernaut 1-800-Florals is joining the blossoming marijuana industry with green bouquets sure to turn a few . . . Here
Obama Declares

Obama Declares Jan 20th ‘National Smoke Up A Republican Day’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Since the U.S. election Nov 8th, as expected, one side is thrilled with the outcome while the other side… well, . . . Here