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Assembly While High Never Hurt Anybody

Assembly While High

ST. LOUIS—The assemblage of flatpack furniture may not seem the most fruitful activity to engage in after dunking yourself into the couchlock of a tasty Banana OG – but science begs to differ regarding the benefits of assembly while high. Researchers are now making incredible strides understanding the region of the brain known as the anterior cingulate cortex and its connection to functions like decision making and reward feedback.

Assembling While HighAnd what better reward for your Allen-wrenching cranium than another puff of Banana OG? Neurology specialist Dr. Hamburg Smith, MD from MIT reckons the parietal cortex – a region of the brain implicated in integrating information coming from the senses – is at the heart of the cannabis-flatpack, furniture-assemblage feedback loop.

“Conflict monitoring is key,” says Smith, “and bathing the brain in THC is a surefire way to both reward and relax the brain and prepare it for assemblage activities.”

For up-to-the-minute data, a crack team of researchers is working on this mind-expansion analysis as we speak, as evidenced by the field work prepared here in this video by the venerable researchers at HIKEA.

-By Daine Collins