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Mandela Marijuana Effect Sweeps Globe

Marijuana Effect

JOHANNESBURG—Cannabis enthusiasts across the world are experiencing their own “Mandela Effect,” a phenomenon that has them vexed and spellbound: the Mandela Marijuana Effect. Cannabis that in the ’70s contained a reasonable THC quotient of roughly 3 to 7 percent is now inexplicably testing at 15 to 88 percent. Like the Fruit Loops of yore we all knew and loved morphing into the “Froot” Loops we mis-remembered, this super-potent pot has a generation of burners stoned immaculate and whispering in conspiratorial tones about CIA plots and secret landing strips in South American jungles. At press time, Nelson Mandela was alive and well, smoking a fatty and eating Captain Munch with Roseanne Bart in the Greater Antilles.