Taylor Swift Breakup with Hiddleston Over Weed Feud?

Taylor Swift

HOLLYWOOD—Rumors abound surrounding the break-up between effervescent pop superstar/drama tween lyricist, Taylor Swift, and her latest beau, actor Tom Hiddleston. The relationship was reportedly cut short over Swift’s concerns about Hiddleston’s marijuana usage.

A source close to the Tay-squad reports Swift was disillusioned and incredibly disappointed by the quality of her boyfriend’s product. “He’s always got basically dirt weed,” the flaxen-haired songbird allegedly bemoaned. “He grows it himself! I mean, it’s literally so gross.”

According to sources, the lovely, blond singer/songwriter visited Hiddleston’s make-shift grow space in the man cave of his NYC brownstone and determined that the entire place was completely inadequate. “Wrong. Wrong! WRONG!” she stated, pointing out the various infractions she noticed around the room.

The source also alleged that Taylor was infuriated as she looked over the state of his “sad” plants.

“How does he expect anything to flower using this gank, T.J.Maxx fertilizer?!” shrieked the angelic-voiced, Grammy-winning artist.

America’s sweetheart galloped on after she also discovered several key components for maintaining proper air ventilation were not in place.

“Are you serious?! What the hell is going on?!” Taylor squealed, picking up a piece of silver tubing and throwing it down in an uncontrollable fury. Disgusted, the talented beauty kicked over several plants and stormed off.

At press time Taylor was apparently writing what promises to be her next hit single, “Love in the Weeds, Again.”

-By Marcia Thomas


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