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Richard Linklater in Dev for Docu: ‘Fifty Shades of Green’

richard linklater

AUSTIN—From Academy Award-winning writer/director Richard Linklater, the mind behind “Boyhood” and “Dazed and Confused,” comes the stellar new documentary film “50 Shades of Green.” Not the first dive into documentary filmmaking for Linklater, but it promises to be one of his deepest endeavors yet.

“When we set out to do ‘Boyhood,’ we didn’t realize what it would take to shoot a film over 14 years, watching this boy grow into a young man before our very eyes,” says the filmmaker. “But the outcome proved that it was all really worth it in the end.”

With “50 Shades of Green,” Linklater looks to bring that same intensity and commitment to Colorado cannabis. The documentary will feature one solitary cannabis seed and follow the kernel through its entire growth from germination to cultivation “and beyond.”

“The goal is to see what life is really like for a cannabis plant,” says Linklater. “You come home at the end of the day, kick off your shoes, get a cold glass of lemonade, and sit down for the night’s first smoke – but does anyone ever stop to think about the plant that gave its life in order for you to enjoy it? No, no one does that. That’s the point of this documentary, to awaken people to show respect and gratitude for this plant they’re smoking. To honor it.”

The filmmaker plans to continue beyond the harvest of this soon-to-be-celebrity plant specimen and show the trials and tribulations of the people that purchase it and take the buds home for a blaze.

“I plan on getting in people’s faces,” says Linklater. “Probe them a little, ‘Do you know what you’re smoking? Do you?’ That kinda shit. Well, probably not so intense, but you know, close to that. I want to keep things chill – it is a movie about weed for fucksake.”