Your Dispensary Chariot Awaits

Duber pot
PALM SPRINGS—Marla Manson is about to call her favorite new car service she says she can’t live without. “I don’t drive . . . Here
richard linklater

Richard Linklater in Dev for Docu: ‘Fifty Shades of Green’

AUSTIN—From Academy Award-winning writer/director Richard Linklater, the mind behind “Boyhood” and “Dazed and Confused,” comes the . . . Here
Popular Girl's Name

Most Popular 2017 Baby Girl’s Name Won’t Surprise You

GATLINBURG—Beating out all of last year’s top 10 newborn girl names, including Olivia and Emma, the number one baby name on . . . Here
Cannabis in space

Cannabis In Space, Astronauts Get Vaped Out At The ISS

SPACE—In cooperation with the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, cannabis is finally heading to space within NASA’s International . . . Here
.50 Cent

The Dopest Amusement Park, By .50 Cent & Lil Wayne

QUEENS—Rap mega-mogul and mixed-bag entrepreneur .50 Cent is reportedly in collaboration with rhyme master Lil Wayne to create a . . . Here
product review

Product Review: Introducing the ‘Dank-O-Meter’

THE DANK-O-METER—A must-have for the discerning ganjier on your list or the perfect item for that pot snob who has everything, the . . . Here

Pope Francis to Hempfesters: ‘Go Ahead and Burn Em, God Doesn’t Mind’

SEATTLE—Beloved and compassionate Pope Francis made a surprise stop in Seattle today on his way back to the Vatican after his . . . Here
420 Games

Olympians Attending ‘420 Games,’ More Stoked Than in Rio

SAN FRANCISCO—Returning Olympians Martha Candle and Scott Nielsen are starting their day with a fast-paced run up Telegraph Hill. . . . Here

Hats Off to One More Productive Stoner

NASHVILLE—Matt Terrell, 27, is a man overqualified for his job as a baggage handler. The two pleasures he derives from the day are his . . . Here

NEWS FLASH: Cannabis… It’s Apparently Very Fun

KAUAI—A report conducted in Waimea by the Polynesian Office of Titration has shown that marijuana is extremely enjoyable. Researchers . . . Here

Olympic Diving Pool Turns Green, Talk of Dank Water

RIO DE JANEIRO—Like St. Patty’s Day on the Chicago River, the Olympic diving pool in Rio turned a troubling yet gorgeous emerald green . . . Here
Seth rogen

Seth Rogen Working on Animated Film ‘Cannabis Island’

LOS ANGELES—The mind behind classic burner titles “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express” is at it again with the a . . . Here
fast times 2

Netflix Offers New ‘Stoners Only’ Category

HOLLYWOOD—Finally, a category worth paying attention to. Netflix’s “For Stoners Only” section will feature all your . . . Here

Caitlyn Jenner Unveils Nutritional Pot Edibles Line

MALIBU—Olympian-turned-reality-star Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly in discussions to lend her name to a fresh line of cannabis edibles . . . Here
CZ_2 joint vs 3 joint

Marijuana Protesters Riot, Burn Doobies, Just Hang Out

BILLINGS, Montana — At a recent “Two Joint” rally in Billings, Montana, a group of protesters became agitated chanting . . . Here
James Franco

James Franco: ‘I’ve Never Smoked Pot’

SILVER LAKE—In a surprising turn of events, actor and sometimes poet James Franco revealed in an interview today that, after decades of . . . Here
marijuana Super Bowl

Marijuana Ad ‘Walls Are For Squares’ Cut from Super Bowl

SAN YSIDRO—Cannabis edible maker Mambo Munchies had their ad pulled from the Super Bowl when it was discovered that the San Diego . . . Here