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‘Dab Nail Burn Scar’ Competition Heats Up

dab nail

ECHO PARK—This weekend Los Angeles is set to host the crème de la crème of dabbing competitions, and someone in the city will walk away with the coveted 2017 “Dab Nail Burn Scar” trophy to put in a place of honor. (That place may be right next to their best dab rig, of course – but slightly behind it.) The dabrighteous will come from all over the U.S. and probably some other places if they can get in the country. Dab nail scars are painful, frequent, and a sign of a truly dedicated dabber (and we’re not talking about the dance). Withstanding the searing pain of a dab nail burn demonstrates the dedication of each dabber in the competition, and prizes are awarded according to length of dab scar, depth of dab scar, and how painful the scar was to receive. Points will also be given to dabbers based on how long it took them to figure out that their arms, hands, or fingers were being seared by the white-hot metal nail. So come on down with the family and bring your dab rig – just make sure the kiddies are wearing gas masks and oven mitts for safety.

– By Honey McGrew