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4/20 Gala: ‘International Smoke Your Mom Out Day’

420 event

TAMPA—In response to the growing number of mothers rediscovering the warm bosom of marijuana, a commemorative day has been set aside to give back a little to those who so selflessly birthed us.

Betty Gartner, 49 – mother, president and cofounder of the Tampa-based organization Burn Baby Burn – says she created “International Smoke Your Mom Out Day” to be an event filled with marijuana merriment designed to ease the stresses of motherhood.

Louise Bryson, 53, a resident of Coral Gables, told The Tampa Times that she plans to celebrate the day by organizing a wake & bake with her 82-year-old mother and watching episodes of Family Feud.

“Sometimes, when I get super high, it actually feels like I’m on the show,” says Bryson. “I really want to share that feeling with mom.”

Gartner says that members are holding a simulcast party this Thursday, the day of the ganja gala, Skyping with Tampa’s International Sister City of Ashdod, Israel. She plans to bake her famous OG Trainwreck babka, she says, and kibitz her face off.