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Can ‘Underbutt Kush’ Stand Up to All the Hype?


SAN BERNARDINO—This spring’s High Times Cannabis Cup – a weekend celebration of all things weed held in Southern California – saw thousands of cannabis enthusiasts in attendance to honor their favorite plant. It’s also where legendary Funky Bunch Growers unveiled their latest hybrid strain, “Underbutt Kush.”

Some of you may be thinking, Mmm, underbutt…. While others might be more like, Ewww, underbutt…. Yet it’s undeniable that this stimulating new hybrid, much like its ass-cleavage namesake, is getting a lot of attention.

UnderbuttUnderbutt’s beautiful, heart-shaped buds are known to be bursting with glistening crystals and luminous trichomes that you just can’t keep your eyes off, no matter how hard you try. Call it crack in cannabis form, this strain is not for everyone.

“The guys at Funky Bunch have created a killer strain that definitely deserves a doubletake,” said Cannabis Cup judge Topher Davies. “Everyone that’s tried Underbutt Kush has either been dying for more or felt its bold effects come on seriously fast and strong, like it’s trying real hard to make a statement. Either way, it’s created a shit ton of hype.”

Keep your eye out for Underbutt Kush at a dispensary near you. If you can get your hands on some, it’s definitely worth a toke. But like many trends, don’t expect this cheeky cheeba to be around for very long.

–By Rocco D’Eugenio