Strain: Ron Jeremy OG, Dank & Dirty

Ron Jeremy
STRAIN OF THE WEEK: Ron Jeremy OG   Seldom does a cannabis strain’s structure so physically personify its namesake as does this . . . Here
Gluten Dairy

Finally, A Gluten and Dairy-Free Cannabis Option

MANITOU SPRINGS—Researchers at MaryJane Botanical Labs in Colorado have made a significant breakthrough in a revolutionary cannabis . . . Here
product review

Product Review: Introducing the ‘Dank-O-Meter’

THE DANK-O-METER—A must-have for the discerning ganjier on your list or the perfect item for that pot snob who has everything, the . . . Here

Tesla Driverless Cars Roll with New ‘Stoner Package’

FREMONT, California—Business magnate Elon Musk is at it again, this time on the cutting edge of cannabis in driverless cars. Next year, . . . Here
Weed Startup

Weed Startup Employees “100% For Sure” They’ll Be Billionaires!

BOSTON—In a show of extreme over-confidence, the 20-something employees of weed startup “Cannalump” fervently gushed to doubtful . . . Here
frequent flyer

Frequent Flyer ‘High Miles’ That Pay You In Pot

SAN JOSE—Virgen Airlines is now giving travelers yet another reason to fly the red-winged, air hipster. Introducing “High . . . Here
CZ_Videogame cropped

First-Person Smoker Video Game Gets You Virtually High

SAN DIEGO—Video game producer JivePro, creators of the popular title My Street Game, has made a “first-person smoker” series that gives . . . Here