Obama Declares Jan 20th ‘National Smoke Up A Republican Day’

Obama Declares
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Since the U.S. election Nov 8th, as expected, one side is thrilled with the outcome while the other side… well, . . . Here
Hillary Clinton

Clinton: ‘I’m Wearing Hemp Pantsuits From Here Out’

NEW YORK—At her concession speech today, defeated presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said her team’s loss was “painful” and will be . . . Here

Trump Taps Retired Drug-Sniffing Schnauzer to Head DEA

NEW YORK—From the penthouse of Trump Towers came the announcement today that President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Winston – a . . . Here
Virginia Coal

Cannabis in the W.Virginia Coal Mines

WEST VIRGINIA—Father and son coal miners Darryl and Jase gaze out over the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, an expanse of coal country . . . Here
marijuana legalization

Pot Farmers in Mexico Demand Reparations from Obama Admin

SINALOA—Enrique Torres wearily walks into his garage after a frustrating day on his dusty ranch. Torres is about to wash up before his . . . Here

California MJ Dispensaries Warned: Cut Out the Flowery Adjectives or Else

SAN DIEGO—The California Consumer Protection Unit (CCPU), a state-funded watchdog responsible for “truth in advertising,” has . . . Here
Trump-related Illness

‘Trump-xiety’ Sees Medical MJ Fly Off Shelves

GILROY—“I used to be able to turn on the radio when I got in the car, but now it’s just too much for my blood pressure,” . . . Here

Cancun Legal MJ Move to Chill Out Spring Breakers

MEXICO CITY—From the steps of the historic Palacio Nacional, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reportedly announced this morning . . . Here
Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson’s Green Micro-Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO—In a bid to garner a slice of media attention in the current breakneck political news cycle, Libertarian party candidate . . . Here
Cannabis in space

Cannabis In Space, Astronauts Get Vaped Out At The ISS

SPACE—In cooperation with the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, cannabis is finally heading to space within NASA’s International . . . Here

Does God Hate Weedporn More Than Kansas?

JOHNSON CITY—Just about an hour’s drive east of the Colorado border lies a sleepy burg called Johnson City, Kansas. A small farming . . . Here

Pope Francis to Hempfesters: ‘Go Ahead and Burn Em, God Doesn’t Mind’

SEATTLE—Beloved and compassionate Pope Francis made a surprise stop in Seattle today on his way back to the Vatican after his . . . Here
Homebrew beer

Fresno Man Gets 10 Years for Homebrewing Beer

FRESNO, California—In a unanimous vote by the Fresno City Council, all alcohol laws have been effectively changed as of September 2016 . . . Here
Donald Trump

Trump for MMJ Legalization, After Being Against and Before Being Pro

LACONIA, New Hampshire—In an all-too-common double then triple flip-flop on an issue, Donald Trump has announced again that he’s . . . Here

Syrian Refugees Seek Asylum in Legal U.S. Weed States

ALEXANDRIA—Mustafa Khan is stranded with his wife and extended family waiting in line… again. They’ve almost completed the FBI’s . . . Here
Chris Christie

N. Jersey Gov. to TSA, ‘Profile Westcoasters Entering Newark’

TRENTON—New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has directed the TSA at Newark Liberty International Airport to screen all residents . . . Here

Obama Declares His Last Act As President: To Fire One Up

WASHINGTON D.C.—White House sources are reporting today that President Barack Obama is looking to enliven his so-called “lame . . . Here
Marijuana Effect

Mandela Marijuana Effect Sweeps Globe

JOHANNESBURG—Cannabis enthusiasts across the world are experiencing their own “Mandela Effect,” a phenomenon that has them . . . Here

Olympic Diving Pool Turns Green, Talk of Dank Water

RIO DE JANEIRO—Like St. Patty’s Day on the Chicago River, the Olympic diving pool in Rio turned a troubling yet gorgeous emerald green . . . Here
CZ_2 joint vs 3 joint

Marijuana Protesters Riot, Burn Doobies, Just Hang Out

BILLINGS, Montana — At a recent “Two Joint” rally in Billings, Montana, a group of protesters became agitated chanting . . . Here