Pope Francis Proclaims Ed Rosenthal A Living Saint

Ed Rosenthal
VATICAN CITY—Already recognized as the “Guru of Ganja,” author Ed Rosenthal has just been canonized by the Catholic Church and Pope . . . Here

Another Marijuana Edible Raid, Feds Seize Family of Weiner Dogs

IMPERIAL COUNTY — In a stultifying show of force, Federal Marshals in Brawley, California used battering rams, pepper spray, and flash . . . Here
hemp toilet paper

Californians March on Sac-Town, Demand ‘Hemp Toilet Paper Now!’

SACRAMENTO—A coalition of fringe environmental groups, pro-hemp advocates, and members of the Californians for Sustainable Defecation . . . Here
burn one

Trump and Kim Jong Un to Sit Down and Burn One

38th PARALLEL NORTH—The two leaders (one dear and one not-so-much) are poised to discuss the downsides of nuclear war… but only after . . . Here
Chicken Soup

DEA Designates Chicken Noodle Soup Sched 1 Narcotic

WASHINGTON D.C.—Attention all you flu and cold sufferers, put down the soup spoon and step away from the stove. In an effort to . . . Here
pepper spray

Marijuana Flavored Pepper Spray, The One Hitter, All the Rage

BERKELEY—The city made famous for providing the nation with fiery protests since the 1960s is now allegedly the proud producer of the . . . Here

FEMA Adds Primo Weed to Essential Disaster Relief Items

NEW ORLEANS—On the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, FEMA Director Jorge Sans reportedly seized the opportunity to make a . . . Here
Legal Weed

Guess Who’s Buying Legal Weed…

PORTLAND— “Marijuana pop culture has traditionally centered around the young male smoker and his high times,” reports . . . Here
industrial hemp

Sheriff Illustrates Perils of Industrial Hemp Smoking ‘Hundreds of Hemp Joints’

VELVA, North Dakota—In an attempt to show the dangers of smoking cannabis, Velva County Sheriff John Mulford set out to prove that . . . Here
North Korea

North Korea Wants in on Cannabis, Talking Nukes for Clones

PYONGYANG—The man-boy dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has for many years been a topic of great concern for countries around the . . . Here
Our Weed

The West: Mess with Our Weed, We Shall Secede

BREMERTON—Amid fiery protests in defiance of newly minted U.S. President Donald Trump, a quiet storm is brewing in several western . . . Here
Dwindling Earthworm

Dwindling Worm Population to Farmers: ‘Eat Shit, Traitors’

HUMBOLDT—Angry Earthworms came out en masse this week to protest the outright genocide being propagated on their numbers by marijuana . . . Here
extract dabbing

Extract Dabbing and Dab Danceoff Collide at PacNW Convention Center

SEATTLE—A rowdy and raucous dabbing collision occurred this afternoon at the Seattle Convention Center, which saw extract dabbing . . . Here

Trump Admits to Smoking Pot, Says It Had A Lasting Effect

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. President Donald Trump has admitted to smoking marijuana in his youth. Sources close to the . . . Here
A.G. Sessions

Aha… Now We Know Why A.G. Sessions Has A Hard-On for Pot

MOBILE—The summer of 1967 saw a law-school-bound Jeff Sessions pining for his high school sweetheart Mary Watters. She’d enrolled at UC . . . Here
Big Pharma

Big Pharma Learns from MJ Industry, Tries Out New Drug Names

PROVIDENCE—“One key question we asked the execs at Pfizer was, What the hell is up with your drug names?” says Ronald Baker, Director . . . Here

‘World War III’ Weed Strain Gets Hot After Millions Google ‘Nuclear War’

LONG BEACH—Famed Southern California master pot growers Danky Duck just blitzkrieged the cannabis world with their latest hybrid . . . Here
smokey bear

Nat’l Park Rangers Propose Growing Cannabis to Offset Budget Cuts

YOSEMITE VALLEY—Rangers from more than a dozen U.S. National Parks, spanning from Mt. Rainier to Acadia, reportedly met for a . . . Here
Putin Expulsion

Putin On Edge Over Expulsion of His Weed Guy from U.S.

MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin was initially indifferent last week while reviewing the list of Russian diplomats expelled from . . . Here
Jorge Cervantes

DNA Evidence Shows Cultivator Jorge Cervantes Is Half Plant

SONOMA—In a not-so-shocking turn of events, scientists have released a new study that proves expert marijuana grower and bestselling . . . Here