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James Franco: ‘I’ve Never Smoked Weed’

James Franco
BROOKLYN—In a surprising turn of events, actor and oft poet James Franco revealed in an interview today that after decades of appearing . . . Here
Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Underpants, Inc. Sues Makers of Grandaddy Purple Weed

SARASOTA—The iconic marijuana strain Grandaddy Purple, also known classically as “Ken’s GDP,” is under fire this week for . . . Here
Mars Colonization

Marijuana Grow Room Considered For 1st Mars Colonization Mission

THE RED PLANET—Scientists are considering a request by several “citizen-astronauts” (who have been selected for the first Mars . . . Here
Marriage Counseling

Couple Says Cannabis More Effective Than Marriage Counseling

SARATOGA—After 12 long years of fruitless marriage counseling, Anne and Vic Herrera said they’ve finally reconnected . . . Here
dab nail

‘Dab Nail Burn Scar’ Competition Heats Up

ECHO PARK—This weekend Los Angeles is set to host the crème de la crème of dabbing competitions, and someone in the city will walk away . . . Here
Assembly While High

Assembly While High Never Hurt Anybody

ST. LOUIS—The assemblage of flatpack furniture may not seem the most fruitful activity to engage in after dunking yourself into the . . . Here
Facebook sells

Facebook Sells to Amazon for Price of a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

MENLO PARK—It finally happened: Facebook sells to Amazon for the price of a California weed dispensary, as wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg . . . Here
best friend

Stoned Man Confirms Dog Really is Man’s Best Friend

FAYETTEVILLE—In an interview with the Herald Sun, dog walker Terry Jones claimed proof positive that dogs truly are man’s best . . . Here
Water Bong

REPORT: Water Bong Dreck a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

FORT COLLINS—Stop!!! Don’t pour that bong water down the drain! Scientists at Colorado State University have just released findings . . . Here

Can ‘Underbutt Kush’ Stand Up to All the Hype?

SAN BERNARDINO—This spring’s High Times Cannabis Cup – a weekend celebration of all things weed held in Southern California – saw . . . Here
420 event

4/20 Gala: ‘International Smoke Your Mom Out Day’

TAMPA—In response to the growing number of mothers rediscovering the warm bosom of marijuana, a commemorative day has been set aside to . . . Here

Did Donner Party’s Hemp Attire Lead to Cannibalism?

TRUCKEE—Researchers at the Truckee Institute of Archaeology (TIA) have discovered particles of industrial hemp in the digestive . . . Here
richard linklater

Richard Linklater in Dev for Docu: ‘Fifty Shades of Green’

AUSTIN—From Academy Award-winning writer/director Richard Linklater, the mind behind “Boyhood” and “Dazed and Confused,” comes the . . . Here
Hyper-realistic Bong

Fiend Makes Bong From Skull, Raves About Killer Artistic Prowess

FRESNO—In a gruesome display of savagery, local hero and pit bull rescue advocate Fred “Freddy” Czerwinski, 48, was . . . Here
Popular Girl's Name

Most Popular 2017 Baby Girl’s Name Won’t Surprise You

GATLINBURG—Beating out all of last year’s top 10 newborn girl names, including Olivia and Emma, the number one baby name on . . . Here
Perplexed man

Guy Sure He’s Not Getting Stoned

COOPERSTOWN, New York—Newbie pot smoker Mitch Halprin, 29, was out with friends Wednesday night and reported not feeling anything from . . . Here

Hillary Clinton Visits NorCal, Disappears for 48 Hours

GARBERVILLE, California — Just when you thought the U.S. election cycle could not get any more bizarre, think again. Ahead of the . . . Here