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Another Marijuana Edible Raid, Feds Seize Family of Weiner Dogs

IMPERIAL COUNTY — In a stultifying show of force, Federal Marshals in Brawley, California used battering rams, pepper spray, and flash . . . Here

Did Donner Party’s Hemp Attire Lead to Cannibalism?

TRUCKEE—Researchers at the Truckee Institute of Archaeology (TIA) have discovered particles of industrial hemp in the digestive . . . Here
pumpkin bong

Indiana Farmer Nearly Crushed Beneath 650-lb ‘Pumpkin Bong’

MUNCIE, Indiana—Oliver Butterworth, 47, sits up in bed with two broken legs at Ball Memorial Hospital, grateful to be alive. He is an . . . Here
cannabis cannery

Alaskan Tuna Factory Pivots to Can O’ Cannabis

KODIAK ISLAND—An Alaskan institution since 1973, last year the “Turkey of the Ocean” cannery found itself on hard times after the . . . Here

Cannabis & Sushi Pairings, A Match Made in Nirvana

OSAKA—Leave it to the Land of the Rising Sun to hit on a new cannabis dawn. Not since the invention of the Subaru Brat has a . . . Here

Boozehound, ‘Most of My Heroes Are Cannabis Users’

INDIANAPOLIS—Waking up for the third time this year in a county holding cell for public intoxication, area man Ron Barrs, 32, is having . . . Here
Marijuana Effect

Mandela Marijuana Effect Sweeps Globe

JOHANNESBURG—Cannabis enthusiasts across the world are experiencing their own “Mandela Effect,” a phenomenon that has them . . . Here

Caitlyn Jenner Unveils Nutritional Pot Edibles Line

MALIBU—Olympian-turned-reality-star Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly in discussions to lend her name to a fresh line of cannabis edibles . . . Here