James Franco: ‘I’ve Never Smoked Weed’

James Franco
BROOKLYN—In a surprising turn of events, actor and oft poet James Franco revealed in an interview today that after decades of appearing . . . Here
Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid (and Definitely High)

MANAGUA—Tragic news out of Central America today as producers of the popular Discovery Channel reality show Naked and Afraid were . . . Here
Weed Dealer

I Miss My Pot Dealer, Dirty Lou

SANTA CRUZ—Felix is my name and I’m damn old… I’m so old, I remember a time when cannabis was called reefer. There . . . Here
burn one

Trump and Kim Jong Un to Sit Down and Burn One

38th PARALLEL NORTH—The two leaders (one dear and one not-so-much) are poised to discuss the downsides of nuclear war… but only after . . . Here
Hemp Merkins

Hemp Merkins: Enviro-Bush Forward on NYC Catwalks

NEW YORK—For centuries men and women have employed the magic of the merkin for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes for cover, others for . . . Here
dab nail

‘Dab Nail Burn Scar’ Competition Heats Up

ECHO PARK—This weekend Los Angeles is set to host the crème de la crème of dabbing competitions, and someone in the city will walk away . . . Here
Ron Jeremy

Strain: Ron Jeremy OG, Dank & Dirty

STRAIN OF THE WEEK: Ron Jeremy OG   Seldom does a cannabis strain’s structure so physically personify its namesake as does this . . . Here
SeaWorld Dolphins

Randy SeaWorld Dolphins Given CBD to Calm Hypersexuality

SAN DIEGO—Tom Podesta stands at the entrance to the SeaWorld theme park in San Diego on a perfect SoCal morning.  A middle-aged marine . . . Here
Stoned History

Cable Show ‘Stoned History’ Burns One While Talking Story

In Hollywood, marijuana and history lessons go together like Girl Scout Cookies and Pringles.
best friend

Stoned Man Confirms Dog Really is Man’s Best Friend

FAYETTEVILLE—In an interview with the Herald Sun, dog walker Terry Jones claimed proof positive that dogs truly are man’s best . . . Here
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Legally Changes Her Name to the Pot Leaf Symbol

NASHVILLE—To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the death of musical legend Prince, pop star Miley Cyrus has announced that she . . . Here
Marijuana Strain Names

Marijuana Strain Names Gone Bad

Marijuana strain names run the gamut these days from Alaskan Thunderfuck to Gorilla Glue. Cannabis enthusiasts the world over realize . . . Here
extract dabbing

Extract Dabbing and Dab Danceoff Collide at PacNW Convention Center

SEATTLE—A rowdy and raucous dabbing collision occurred this afternoon at the Seattle Convention Center, which saw extract dabbing . . . Here

Can ‘Underbutt Kush’ Stand Up to All the Hype?

SAN BERNARDINO—This spring’s High Times Cannabis Cup – a weekend celebration of all things weed held in Southern California – saw . . . Here
Weed Robot

Robot Maker Unveils ‘Budzie,’ World’s First Smoking Buddybot

SAN JOSE—There’s a different buzz swirling around at this year’s Silicon Valley Cannabis Cup. Years past have seen the . . . Here

GoPro Challenges Users: Dab Like A Hero

SAN MATEO—The company that challenges users to “Be A Hero” is now reportedly challenging you to dab your balls off with a camera . . . Here

Hallmark Gets Onboard with New Cannabis Themed Greeting Cards

KANSAS CITY—At the first stop of a multi-city promotional tour this morning, Hallmark Greeting Cards CEO Hank Nowacki delivered a . . . Here
420 event

4/20 Gala: ‘International Smoke Your Mom Out Day’

TAMPA—In response to the growing number of mothers rediscovering the warm bosom of marijuana, a commemorative day has been set aside to . . . Here
Marijuana Strain

TOP 10 Rejected Marijuana Strain Names

UNITED STATES—Sherbet Cookies. Green Crack. Alaskan Thunderfuck. All marijuana strain names that convey their experiential delights. . . . Here
Brad Pitt marijuana

Hemp Deodorant ‘Bad Pitt’ Sees Market Jump on Brangelina News

AURORA, Colorado—Makers of the hemp-based deodorant “Bad Pitt” have struck PR gold this week as the product’s release coincides with . . . Here