WWJD: What Would Jorge Do?

jorge cervantes
THE EMERALD TRIANGLE—There comes a time in every cannabis grower’s life when he or she wonders if they’re on the right path. Many . . . Here

Green Xmas: Demand Grows for Cannabis Christmas Trees

EUGENE—The days of bringing home a shapely Douglas fir or Norway spruce to serve as your Christmas tree may be coming to an end, in . . . Here
Stoned History

Cable Show ‘Stoned History’ Burns One While Talking Story

In Hollywood, marijuana and history lessons go together like Girl Scout Cookies and Pringles.
Assembly While High

Assembly While High Never Hurt Anybody

ST. LOUIS—The assemblage of flatpack furniture may not seem the most fruitful activity to engage in after dunking yourself into the . . . Here
Dwindling Earthworm

Dwindling Worm Population to Farmers: ‘Eat Shit, Traitors’

HUMBOLDT—Angry Earthworms came out en masse this week to protest the outright genocide being propagated on their numbers by marijuana . . . Here
kind bud

Grower Nails 1 LB of Kind From Hello Kitty Nightlite

HENDY GROVE—“I’m telling you, this is the serious dankness,” says cannabis grower OG FatSacks. “You show me anyone else who can produce . . . Here
A.G. Sessions

Aha… Now We Know Why A.G. Sessions Has A Hard-On for Pot

MOBILE—The summer of 1967 saw a law-school-bound Jeff Sessions pining for his high school sweetheart Mary Watters. She’d enrolled at UC . . . Here

‘World War III’ Weed Strain Gets Hot After Millions Google ‘Nuclear War’

LONG BEACH—Famed Southern California master pot growers Danky Duck just blitzkrieged the cannabis world with their latest hybrid . . . Here
Obama Declares

Obama Declares Jan 20th ‘National Smoke Up A Republican Day’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Since the U.S. election Nov 8th, as expected, one side is thrilled with the outcome while the other side… well, . . . Here
Virginia Coal

Cannabis in the W.Virginia Coal Mines

WEST VIRGINIA—Father and son coal miners Darryl and Jase gaze out over the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, an expanse of coal country . . . Here

Boozehound, ‘Most of My Heroes Are Cannabis Users’

INDIANAPOLIS—Waking up for the third time this year in a county holding cell for public intoxication, area man Ron Barrs, 32, is having . . . Here
Perplexed man

Guy Sure He’s Not Getting Stoned

COOPERSTOWN, New York—Newbie pot smoker Mitch Halprin, 29, was out with friends Wednesday night and reported not feeling anything from . . . Here
fast times 2

Netflix Offers New ‘Stoners Only’ Category

HOLLYWOOD—Finally, a category worth paying attention to. Netflix’s “For Stoners Only” section will feature all your . . . Here