Robot Maker Unveils ‘Budzie,’ World’s First Smoking Buddybot

Weed Robot
SAN JOSE—There’s a different buzz swirling around at this year’s Silicon Valley Cannabis Cup. Years past have seen the . . . Here
Big Pharma

Big Pharma Learns from MJ Industry, Tries Out New Drug Names

PROVIDENCE—“One key question we asked the execs at Pfizer was, What the hell is up with your drug names?” says Ronald Baker, Director . . . Here

GoPro Challenges Users: Dab Like A Hero

SAN MATEO—The company that challenges users to “Be A Hero” is now reportedly challenging you to dab your balls off with a camera . . . Here

Hallmark Gets Onboard with New Cannabis Themed Greeting Cards

KANSAS CITY—At the first stop of a multi-city promotional tour this morning, Hallmark Greeting Cards CEO Hank Nowacki delivered a . . . Here
Marijuana Strain

TOP 10 Rejected Marijuana Strain Names

UNITED STATES—Sherbet Cookies. Green Crack. Alaskan Thunderfuck. All marijuana strain names that convey their experiential delights. . . . Here
Putin Expulsion

Putin On Edge Over Expulsion of His Weed Guy from U.S.

MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin was initially indifferent last week while reviewing the list of Russian diplomats expelled from . . . Here
Jorge Cervantes

DNA Evidence Shows Cultivator Jorge Cervantes Is Half Plant

SONOMA—In a not-so-shocking turn of events, scientists have released a new study that proves expert marijuana grower and bestselling . . . Here

1-800-Florals Enters Cannabis Market with Bud Bouquets

ROTTERDAM—The floral juggernaut 1-800-Florals is joining the blossoming marijuana industry with green bouquets sure to turn a few . . . Here
Bill Maher marijuana

Bill Maher Buys Creationist Museum, Converts to Cannabis Research Center

MECCA, California—Bill Maher, the controversial host of HBO’s hit political comedy series “Real Time with Bill Maher,” was . . . Here
marijuana legalization

Pot Farmers in Mexico Demand Reparations from Obama Admin

SINALOA—Enrique Torres wearily walks into his garage after a frustrating day on his dusty ranch. Torres is about to wash up before his . . . Here
Brad Pitt marijuana

Hemp Deodorant ‘Bad Pitt’ Sees Market Jump on Brangelina News

AURORA, Colorado—Makers of the hemp-based deodorant “Bad Pitt” have struck PR gold this week as the product’s release coincides with . . . Here
Duber pot

Your Dispensary Chariot Awaits

PALM SPRINGS—Marla Manson is about to call her favorite new car service she says she can’t live without. “I don’t drive . . . Here

Monsanto Creates Extraterrestrial, Bug-zapping Cannabis Seed

ST. LOUIS—During a press conference today at Monsanto’s global headquarters in Missouri, spokeswoman Felicia Rhodes announced the seed . . . Here
Drug testing

Colorado Workers Say ‘Bring It’ to Employee Pot Testing

DENVER—Despite the runaway success of cannabis legalization in Colorado since 2014, some employers are continuing to require that drug . . . Here
cannabis enthusiasts

‘Budsitters App’ Creates a Niche in Cali Cannabis Market

SACRAMENTO—Corey Roberts is all packed up and ready to head out to the airport. A full-time financial analyst, he’s also a part-time . . . Here
cannabis cannery

Alaskan Tuna Factory Pivots to Can O’ Cannabis

KODIAK ISLAND—An Alaskan institution since 1973, last year the “Turkey of the Ocean” cannery found itself on hard times after the . . . Here
.50 Cent

The Dopest Amusement Park, By .50 Cent & Lil Wayne

QUEENS—Rap mega-mogul and mixed-bag entrepreneur .50 Cent is reportedly in collaboration with rhyme master Lil Wayne to create a . . . Here

Product: Best Flame-Retardant Bong Mask for the Bearded

PORTLAND—Jason Myers is flaming mad. He’s fired up because he just discovered a new product at his local cannabis dispensary . . . Here

Tesla Driverless Cars Roll with New ‘Stoner Package’

FREMONT, California—Business magnate Elon Musk is at it again, this time on the cutting edge of cannabis in driverless cars. Next year, . . . Here
420 Games

Olympians Attending ‘420 Games,’ More Stoked Than in Rio

SAN FRANCISCO—Returning Olympians Martha Candle and Scott Nielsen are starting their day with a fast-paced run up Telegraph Hill. . . . Here