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Boozehound, ‘Most of My Heroes Are Cannabis Users’


INDIANAPOLIS—Waking up for the third time this year in a county holding cell for public intoxication, area man Ron Barrs, 32, is having a revelation. “It’s odd, but most of my heroes aren’t heavy drinkers,” he says, brushing dried vomit from his collar. “They’re people who’ve enjoyed a cannabis buzz way more than a drink.” Listing off the names: Carl Sagan, Jimi Hendrix, Ella Fitzgerald, William Burroughs, Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, Louis Armstrong, says Barrs, “I mean, Henry Ford even built a car out of the stuff. Ernest Hemingway was a great literary figure, but truth be told the drunkard could be a real moody crybaby little bitch. And Winston Churchill, don’t get me started—what a talent, but what a grump. Give me Bob Marley and Doug Benson. Give me Carl Sagan. Give me a break and legalize this shit already.”