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Cable Show ‘Stoned History’ Burns One While Talking Story

Stoned History
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LOS ANGELES — In an effort to ride the wave of success from Comedy Central’s popular “Drunk History,” production company Echoe Films is currently in talks to launch a new series called “Stoned History.” The seminal show “Drunk History” features inebriated storytellers doing their best to reenact notorious historical events in famous locales and often includes hilarious outcomes as narrators lose their way in a drunken haze. “Stoned” producers are looking to capture similar cinematic magic with the new release.

“We think the timing is perfectly coinciding with the wide acceptance of cannabis,” says Echoe producer Marvin Skanich. Marijuana, which is currently legal to varying degrees in a majority of U.S. states, polled well in a recent CBS survey with national support for the substance at a whopping 58%.

SnoopThe first two episodes of “Stoned History” will feature the “birthplace of the 420 movement” and the story behind the infamous “Kentucky Cornbread Mafia.” Originally seeking rapper Snoop Dogg and newscaster-turned-advocate Charlo Greene as narrators for the pilot, Echoe is pivoting to a less costly tactic featuring everyday Americans as storytellers.

A sneak-peek release of the first show featuring the Cornbread Mafia included a narrator who bore an uncanny resemblance to Snoop Dogg straddling a 4-foot bong and suspended from an egg chair hammock in a marijuana-themed Speedo. He spoke with total authority on the nefarious marijuana mafia, occasionally citing details so particular as to suggest some familial relation to the gang. Prior to his third bong rip, the Snoop lookalike appeared composed and professorial in manner – which soon devolved into a circuitous dual account of the Cornbread Mafia and a “pretty dope jalapeno cornbread recipe from his grandmother.”

Echoe says to keep costs down, they are currently seeking a Charlo Greene lookalike for their “birthplace of 420 episode.”

-By Hugh Manginello