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Your Dispensary Chariot Awaits

Duber pot

PALM SPRINGS—Marla Manson is about to call her favorite new car service she says she can’t live without.

“I don’t drive anymore,” she explains, “and I just don’t feel very comfortable having a stranger in my home delivering my medical cannabis.”

Always feeling judged by taxi drivers who dropped her off at dispensaries, she was looking for a solution, “And forget Uber or Lyft – I’d ask the drivers to please wait since I’m in and out pretty quickly most times…you think they’d be out there when I came out. Never, not once. With Duber, my ride is waiting, and they never mind me medicating on the ride home.”

Clarence Stork, a former driver for Uber, left the ridesharing service to drive for Duber and can sum up his reason for leaving in three little words: “Nugs. For. Tips.”

“I do a good job, keep my ride clean,” says Stork. “I offer my customers bottled water for their cotton mouth, sometimes infused with weed if they’re cool, and I play whatever music they like – except no country, I draw the line at country.”

Stork says he’s accumulated a loyal following already and ends each shift with at least a quarter ounce of top-shelf cannabis “or a few edibles,” he adds. “We’re all a happy bunch driving for Duber.”

Lifelong Californian “Weird Al” Yankovic is rumored to be the majority shareholder of the popular start up. When asked for comment, Yankovic said, “I’ve never smoked anything, not even a candy cigarette, but it’s not like I’m against it. I’ve been around a lot of pot smokers…I love people on pot – they’re really easy to make laugh.”