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Tesla Driverless Cars Roll with New ‘Stoner Package’


FREMONT, California—Business magnate Elon Musk is at it again, this time on the cutting edge of cannabis in driverless cars. Next year, the Tesla Motors CEO plans to offer the premium “Stoner Package” upgrade along with the company’s new autopilot vehicles. The car, unveiled this year at the San Diego International Auto Show, has been turning car-buyer heads with innovative option choices set to include: a center console with state-of-the-art dab rig, collapsible trays in all seats for joint rolling, and mood lighting linked to a Klipsch 42-speaker sound system. The new features are slated to be rolled out exclusively in California over the next few years, as the Golden State careens toward the inevitable collision of legalized recreational cannabis and driverless cars. Showgoer Jeff Frye is ecstatic about the new ride: “Dude, I cant wait! I’m so sick of drivin’ around not high.” Time to order your ride, roll a nice casual blunt, and hot box on down the road.