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Randy SeaWorld Dolphins Given CBD to Calm Hypersexuality

SeaWorld Dolphins

SAN DIEGO—Tom Podesta stands at the entrance to the SeaWorld theme park in San Diego on a perfect SoCal morning.  A middle-aged marine biologist, he has the look of a man that’s been beaten. But he’s just been shown a ray of hope. Over the years, Podesta has overseen a variety of duties as an animal handler at the theme park, but his current assignment has him on the verge of a career change. He is solely responsible for keeping the park’s dozen or so dolphins from, well, from constantly engaging each other sexually. Little is known about what makes dolphins frisky, says Podesta, but apparently it doesn’t take much. “If I turn my back for even a second, they’re at it—boy with girl, girl with girl, boy with boy, they don’t care!” Recently put in touch with a local cannabis extraction company that specializes in CBD products for animals, Podesta says Guy Fuente of CBDoe, Inc. has been a real savior. Fuente shared the results of trials he’s conducted with rabbits being given CBD—a curative compound found in cannabis—that showed a significant reduction in their urges. Says Podesta about his randy dolphins, “I’ll try anything at this point to calm these horny bastards down!”

-By Rocco D’Eugenio