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Robot Maker Unveils ‘Budzie,’ World’s First Smoking Buddybot

Weed Robot

SAN JOSE—There’s a different buzz swirling around at this year’s Silicon Valley Cannabis Cup. Years past have seen the latest vaporizer snag the spotlight, or a new indica strain with a THC content over 30%. But this year everyone is anxiously awaiting to meet “Budzie,” the first robot developed with artificial intelligence – and the sole mission to be your smoking buddy. “We all know that using cannabis has always been a social thing,” said Ian Speck, CTO of Redwood Robotics. “The problem we’re solving is that sometimes you don’t have anyone to smoke up with, and that’s where Budzie comes in.”

Loaded with assorted voice options, including Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Margaret Cho, James Earl Jones, and Sarah Silverman, you will never again be without a cannabis companion. Budzie comes shipped with a built-in Volcano vape and will bring you snacks, roll and light your joints, and if you grow pot, you can put all your clippings in its mouth and it’ll shit out full-melt bubble hash. Show attendee Sasha Pennington said, “Take my money, please…just take it. I don’t care how much, I have to have one!”