N. Jersey Gov. to TSA, ‘Profile Westcoasters Entering Newark’

Chris Christie
TRENTON—New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has directed the TSA at Newark Liberty International Airport to screen all residents . . . Here

Cannabis & Sushi Pairings, A Match Made in Nirvana

OSAKA—Leave it to the Land of the Rising Sun to hit on a new cannabis dawn. Not since the invention of the Subaru Brat has a . . . Here
CZ_Shimmer 2

Shimmer 24-karat, Cocoa Puff Rolling Papers

EUREKA, Oregon—The popular rolling paper maker Shimmer, known for their extravagant designs ranging from gilded sheets adorned with . . . Here

Hats Off to One More Productive Stoner

NASHVILLE—Matt Terrell, 27, is a man overqualified for his job as a baggage handler. The two pleasures he derives from the day are his . . . Here
Weed Startup

Weed Startup Employees “100% For Sure” They’ll Be Billionaires!

BOSTON—In a show of extreme over-confidence, the 20-something employees of weed startup “Cannalump” fervently gushed to doubtful . . . Here
frequent flyer

Frequent Flyer ‘High Miles’ That Pay You In Pot

SAN JOSE—Virgen Airlines is now giving travelers yet another reason to fly the red-winged, air hipster. Introducing “High . . . Here
Seth rogen

Seth Rogen Working on Animated Film ‘Cannabis Island’

LOS ANGELES—The mind behind classic burner titles “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express” is at it again with the a . . . Here

Caitlyn Jenner Unveils Nutritional Pot Edibles Line

MALIBU—Olympian-turned-reality-star Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly in discussions to lend her name to a fresh line of cannabis edibles . . . Here
Cannabis Bus Tours

Weed Bus Tour Makes Wrong Turn Into Kansas, 79 Arrested

KANORADO—Mile High cannabis bus tours in Denver has built a solid business around weed-themed tours ever since Colorado legalized . . . Here
NOLA park

Grow Operation Discovered in NOLA Park

NEW ORLEANS — A covert marijuana grow room was discovered this week in a storage shed at Pritchard Park. Attendant Michael MacRoulé . . . Here
3d print tech

Look Out Tokyo, Here Comes the 3D Joint Printer

Here's the excerpt for the printer post