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Hemp Deodorant ‘Bad Pitt’ Sees Market Jump on Brangelina News

Brad Pitt marijuana

AURORA, Colorado—Makers of the hemp-based deodorant “Bad Pitt” have struck PR gold this week as the product’s release coincides with the divorce announcement of famed Hollywood couple “Brangelina.”

Hemporium Limited is reporting a triple-digit bump in orders this week and says it can’t believe the timing. “We knew that we’d invented something important,” says co-founder of Hemporium Rick Goodent, “but we had no idea it’d catch on with the public so quickly.”

The deodorant manufacturer came under heavy fire last month for using Brad Pitt lookalikes in its advertising campaign, and was issued a “cease and desist order” from the actor to halt using his likeness in ads. The charges were later dropped, however, giving the underarm fumigant free rein to piggyback the performer’s fame at will.

Hempster Joanie Gonzales says she loves the Bad Pitt deodorant scent for its almost nonexistent, natural aroma. “I mean, it’s like you’re experiencing Brad Pitt’s armpit the way he must smell when he first wakes up in the morning,” she says. “And it’s hemp, so there’s that, too!”

At press time, reports were flooding in of execs at Unilever – creators of the popular grooming product Axe deodorant – scrambling to come up with a hemp-inspired women’s deodorant that rhymes with Jolie.

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