‘Budsitters App’ Creates a Niche in Cali Cannabis Market

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SACRAMENTO—Corey Roberts is all packed up and ready to head out to the airport. A full-time financial analyst, he’s also a part-time marijuana cultivator who says he and his wife Zoe haven’t taken a vacation together in over 8 long years.

“Since we’ve known each other, we’ve always had to be around the house to take care of the babies,” says Roberts. “So it’s meant no holidays together at all.”

The “babies” he’s referring to are his indoor crop of God’s Gift and Azure Tangie plants growing under sodium lights in their condo. Turning out high-grade, small-batch bud all year long means starting a new grow as soon as the last crop is harvested – meaning the Roberts are busy year-round tending to their plants. Even a couple of days away from home could mean total devastation to the garden and thousands of dollars in loss.

“This has definitely put a kink in our ability to travel,” says Zoe.

But that all changed after the Roberts discovered an app called “Budsitters.” The app, founded by ganjapreneur Susan Poletti in Akron, Ohio, caters to home cannabis enthusiasts by matching growers with trusted, experienced pot experts who act as garden sitters.

“We thoroughly vet all of our cannabis cultivators,” says Poletti. “We conduct an intense assessment to confirm that our grower’s skills are at the master level and each is up to the task of budsitting.”

Gone are the days of planning trips around harvests – missing those important dates like weddings, job interviews, funerals, or surgeries because your plants need loving care.

“Now you can go ahead and attend your daughter’s wedding in Cabo,” says Poletti. “Or have that cancerous mole removed, and feel confident that all is being taken care of by our professional growers.”

Budsitters are guaranteed specialists and each is bonded and insured. You can now live your life guilt-free knowing your prized green babies back home are in good hands.

“I just said goodbye to the girls in the grow room upstairs,” says Corey. “I turned on the porch light for our budsitter Jeff and we are out of here! Thanks Budsitters, you’ve given us our lives back!”