Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Slaps ‘Reverse Class-Action’ Suit on 3 Million GG#4 Cultivators

CINCINNATI—“Just stop it,” says Gorilla Glue spokesman Nathan Mowdry from the company’s Cincinnati headquarters overlooking the Ohio . . . Here
Weed Dealer

I Miss My Pot Dealer, Dirty Lou

SANTA CRUZ—Felix is my name and I’m damn old… I’m so old, I remember a time when cannabis was called reefer. There . . . Here
pepper spray

Marijuana Flavored Pepper Spray, The One Hitter, All the Rage

BERKELEY—The city made famous for providing the nation with fiery protests since the 1960s is now allegedly the proud producer of the . . . Here
Dwindling Earthworm

Dwindling Worm Population to Farmers: ‘Eat Shit, Traitors’

HUMBOLDT—Angry Earthworms came out en masse this week to protest the outright genocide being propagated on their numbers by marijuana . . . Here
Marriage Counseling

Couple Says Cannabis More Effective Than Marriage Counseling

SARATOGA—After 10 years of unsuccessful marriage counseling, Connie and Vic Herrera have finally reconnected after showing their son . . . Here
Palm reading

Study: Palm Reading Appears 99% More Accurate After Dabbing

BOULDER—A study conducted by the Pew Research Center has found that people who dab ultra-rich cannabis concentrates just prior to palm . . . Here
James Franco

James Franco: ‘I’ve Never Smoked Weed’

BROOKLYN—In a surprising turn of events, actor and sometimes poet James Franco revealed in an interview today that after decades of . . . Here
Hemp Merkins

Hemp Merkins: Enviro-Bush Forward on NYC Catwalks

NEW YORK—For centuries men and women have employed the magic of the merkin for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes for cover, others for . . . Here
Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Underpants Corp Sues the Makers of Grandaddy Purple

SARASOTA—The iconic marijuana strain Grandaddy Purple, also known classically as “Ken’s GDP,” is under fire this week for . . . Here
Chicken Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup Latest Substance Added to DEA’s List of Sched 1 Narcotics

WASHINGTON D.C.—Attention all you flu and cold sufferers, put down the soup spoon and step away from the stove. In an effort to . . . Here

FEMA Adds Primo Weed to Essential Disaster Relief Items

NEW ORLEANS—On the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, FEMA Director Jorge Sans reportedly seized the opportunity to make a . . . Here
Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid (and Definitely High)

MANAGUA—Tragic news out of Central America today as producers of the popular Discovery Channel reality show “Naked and Afraid” were . . . Here
weed DUI

LAPD Tests New Weed DUI Device: ‘The Donut 5000’

BOYLE HEIGHTS—The Los Angeles Police Department this week unveiled a new technology that’s leading to a flood of weed DUI arrests for . . . Here
dab nail

‘Dab Nail Burn Scar’ Competition Heats Up

ECHO PARK—This weekend Los Angeles is set to host the crème de la crème of dabbing competitions, and someone in the city will walk away . . . Here

Another Marijuana Edible Raid, Feds Seize Family of Weiner Dogs

IMPERIAL COUNTY — In a stultifying show of force, Federal Marshals in Brawley, California used battering rams, pepper spray, and flash . . . Here
Legal Weed

Guess Who’s Buying Legal Weed…

PORTLAND— “Marijuana pop culture has traditionally centered around the young male smoker and his high times,” reports . . . Here
Ron Jeremy

Strain: Ron Jeremy OG, Dank & Dirty

STRAIN OF THE WEEK: Ron Jeremy OG   Seldom does a cannabis strain’s structure so physically personify its namesake as does this . . . Here
SeaWorld Dolphins

Randy SeaWorld Dolphins Given CBD to Calm Hypersexuality

SAN DIEGO—Tom Podesta stands at the entrance to the SeaWorld theme park in San Diego on a perfect SoCal morning.  A middle-aged marine . . . Here
Environmentalists Warn

Environmentalists Warn: Legalize Cannabis, Armageddon to Ensue

PASADENA—A recent study published in the journal “Nature Girl” offers a bleak picture of the planet’s environment if cannabis becomes . . . Here
industrial hemp

Sheriff Illustrates Perils of Industrial Hemp Smoking ‘Hundreds of Hemp Joints’

VELVA, North Dakota—In an attempt to show the dangers of smoking cannabis, Velva County Sheriff John Mulford set out to prove that . . . Here